ITP Blood Disorder ITP Blood Disorder

ITP Blood Disorder

Discover effective natural remedies for ITP Blood disorder

ITP Blood disorder also known as Idiopathic or Immune thrombocytopenia purpura is a condition where platelets decrease excessively causing internal bleeding and bruising. Also a sign known as “petechiae” is also one of the characteristic signs when platelets decrease under the 20,000 level. They like small little red dots under the skin. They can come out in any part of the body but show more clearly in the lower extremities.

Very little people who suffer from this condition know that there are natural alternatives that are effective and have been empirically proven to work. But not only empirically, there a many studies that show that herbal and nutritional medicine IS effective in ITP blood disorder.

Many of the natural alternatives work clearly by:

  1. Stimulating Platelet production
  2. Preventing platelet destruction
  3. Helping the body produce more steroids to protect against platelet reduction
  4. Regulating the immune system so that it doesn’t reduce platelets
  5. Any many other effects

The problem with many people who are looking for a remedy for ITP blood disorder is that they only want a substance that will help them without changing life style or diet.

Why would a person with ITP Blood disorder need to improve their diet? Most doctors would say that there is no connection with diet and low platelet counts.  Actually there is much controversy that surrounds this topic.

Whether diet and life-style has something to do with thrombocytopenia is still being discussed.  But in my experience, too many cases have confirmed the effectiveness in using diet and life-style in regulating platelet levels.  Foods that are high in antioxidants are very helpful to increase platelets. There are certain rules in using them but they are definitely effective.

Some great foods for low platelets are:

  1. blue berries
  2. carrot juice
  3. green vegetables
  4. pomegranate juice
  5. other

There are also a few things that need to be avoided.

  1. the herb guarana is very dangerous in persons who have a low platelet count
  2. Aspirin and other anti-inflamatory drugs
  3. others

I have dedicated a large part of my time to investigate this disease because it has attacked two close relatives of mine. For this reason I have compiled a good body of information which I have made available to the public in an e-book format. The e-book is called Conquer Low Platelets.

If you want more information on this book just click on this link and you will be taken to the official site.