Low Platelets – Follow This Simple Diet To Boost Your Platelets

So you have low platelets and are probably asking yourself if there is any special dietary recommendation you can follow that will help you improve and increase your low platelet count? I am sure you asked your doctor. But I am also sure that you probably got a big \”No\” as an answer. I am going to give you a sample diet that you can follow for a short time to help your low platelet count.

Well not all doctors will say no when you ask them about diet and low platelets. Some physicians who are updated on life-style medicine knowledge will probably see many benefits in changing your diet. Others may be completely ignorant about the effects of diet on platelet levels.

Diet good for low platelets

There is always a controversy about diet and disease. And Diet and ITP is not an exception. Even though you can find many recommendations online about this topic and everyone has a different opinion. There are some that are proponents of a high protein diet while others promote other types of diets. But it is important to understand that the everyday diet in America already contain large amounts of protein. Increasing protein content is not really going to be an advantage. It is only going to increase inflammation and platelet destruction. And adding more protein will not stimulate your bone marrow to produce more platelets.

Excess protein is a burden to the body. Many times the body just needs to rest from all these rich foods. Believe it or not, it can repair itself better. That is why a low calories diet according to certain studies may be beneficial. The body can heal itself better because of this. Also the energy used for digestion is used for increasing platelets. This way you can give your body an opportunity to heal itself.

Here is a sample diet:

Early morning breakfast

Oats cooked with some almond milk or Rice milk. You can sweeten with stevia or honey. Eat blue berries. At least one cup you should be eaten. Other fruits permitted are all the berry family and pomegranate. You can add another fruit if needed. Ezekiel bread toast with some almond or peanut butter is important. Only use 100% natural peanut butter with no hydrogenated fats or sugar added.

Get Ready for Lunch

Eat a salad composed of romaine lettuce, shredded carrot, some beets and a few slices of tomatoes. Only add lemon and extra virgin olive oil. A little salt will not hurt. Use whole grain such as brown rice. Or a root vegetable like baked potato or sweet potato. Use beans as a source of protein. Use a different one every day. Cook only with olive oil.

Evening Meal

Dinner should be light It could be a homemade vegetable soup And toast Or a fruit salad and toast

Between meals only drink water and nothing else. Wait at least 5 hours from one meal to another Take a multivitamin while doing this. This will make sure you are not missing anything.

Low platelets can be improved by following natural remedies and a healthy dietary program. You can improve your quality of life and live healthy. Always consult your doctor before doing any changes to your diet. Find a doctor who has knowledge in this field.

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